3 Ways to Style Biker Jewelry for Men & Women

Biker culture and its adherents lend themselves well to being characterized by adjectives like audacious, decadent, and daring. These terms may also be used to describe the jewelry that bikers wear on their bodies. There is a part of many of us, whether we are bikers or not, that want to break free from convention and allow ourselves the freedom that is personified by the biker lifestyle. This desire exists regardless of whether or not we ride motorcycles.

The jewelry that we wear and the pictures that we look at might be one of the ways that we express our wild side. This jewelry has been designed using pictures that draw inspiration from a diverse range of topics, including sexuality, religion, and death, amongst others. These designs are available in a variety of materials, including as stainless steel, sterling silver, black enamel, and even gold for those who consider themselves to be classier bikers. An understanding of the symbolism underlying biker jewelry may be gained through seeing displays of imagery like as skulls, crosses, snakes, flowers, thorns, blades, angels, and devils.

Whether it is a skull and crossbones, the grim reaper, or some other image linked to death, death plays a significant role in the images that are on display. These images can be found on a wide variety of accessories such as pendants, biker rings, studded leather wrist bands, chains, and finger armor. The colors that are used may include the traditional silver and black, as well as the more frequent blue, gray, and red, along with potentially a few more colors to liven up the artwork.

In more recent times, gemstones have begun to appear in jewelry more often, and it is no longer unusual to see motorcyclists wearing onyx, rose quartz or moon stones, quartz crystals, or any other crystals and gemstones.

Piercings, which were originally thought of as being more common among women, have now become an integral part of the image of a biker. This includes not just piercings in the ears but also body piercings in almost every region of the body that can be imagined. Despite this fact, you probably won’t find very many of them among the more seasoned riders.

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