Rise of the Micro-brands

Our online shop has a hand-picked selection of cycling items that are both fresh and intriguing, sourced from businesses that we like.

It’s possible that you’ve already perused the Sock Swag area of our shop. It is a compilation that highlights some fantastic lesser-known businesses that we have been collaborating with; brands that we have been bringing to the attention of a broader audience by sharing them with you, our readers. With accessible production in the same facilities as established brands, social media to leverage for advertising, and a large community of creative bikers who yearn to develop items they want to use themselves, the entrance hurdle for micro-brands in today’s open market has never been so low. There has never been a better opportunity for new businesses to attempt to unseat some of the more established competitors in the kit game and shake things up in the industry than there is right now.

There are currently more brands of cycling clothing than there have ever been before, which means that when a brand does make it, we can be confident that they are delivering something distinct from the rest of the competition. When a brand stands out from the competition, it is not by chance; rather, it is almost always due to the hard work and enthusiasm of the individuals behind that brand. We aim to make it easier for you to find cool things that you would not have found otherwise, as well as make it easier for these companies to be successful and support the cool job they do.

We are excited to announce that as of today, we have begun selling kits including well-known companies such as Search and State, MAAP, The Pedla, Milltag, and FYXO. And this isn’t even mentioning the lengthy pipeline of intriguing and unique items that will follow from tiny firms that are just starting out in their careers.

In the next weeks, months, and years, we are looking forward to offering you a variety of new and exciting items. Simply follow our website to see our selection of women’s clothing, which includes knicks, jerseys, and more.

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