Best New Buff for Different Seasons for Cyclists

It would seem that the folks over at Buffera have been hard at work inventing new buffs for our amusement and perhaps usage. These new boosts consist of the following items:

The Hoodie Buff, which seems to be a fleece hood manufactured with polartec and has a built-in original buff that covers the face and neck, is a product that has recently gained popularity. You may prepare for the upcoming cooler season by purchasing one (or more) of the 12 different designs today.

The next item is the Bandana Buff, which unquestionably has an intriguing appearance and is most likely going to be on my list of must-try items for riding when the weather is cold. It has a mouth and nose section that is equipped with breath holes and is constructed out of Buff microfibre and Polartec.

There are now 18 different patterns available for the reversible polar headband buff, which will serve to protect the ears. I’m not sure how useful these would be when worn beneath a helmet, but if you’re using them for other kinds of outdoor activities, they could be OK.

It seems like we have something called the Hood Buff (not to be confused with the Hoodie Buff), which comes with a Gore Windstopper panel hood, that you can wear as the weather becomes colder. Should work well with hoodless coats and provide some relief from the biting wind.

In addition to it, there is something called the Storm Buff, which is essentially an updated and more lightweight version of the Cyclone Buff.

Last but not least, there is now a product called the Toy Dog Buff that is designed specifically for tiny dogs and is aimed at those people who are passionate about dogs like I am. They are, in all essential respects, the same as the bigger buffs; the only difference is that they have been scaled down for our canine friends. Just use the regular buff like the rest of us do, even if you have a dog that is far bigger.

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