Bikers Outfits With Sons of Anarchy App for Apple Ipads

This is the second app that I’ve heard of in the last week that connects an iPad to a television program. It just goes to show you the bizarre ways that things can happen. The first was an app associated with Oprah, but I wasn’t very interested in using it, so I didn’t go further to find out what it does or how it operates. On the other side, this application for the Sons of Anarchy show gets a greater amount of attention.

From what I understand, their operations seem to be rather comparable to one another. By making use of the microphone on the iPad, the application will be able to determine where you are in the show and provide relevant information at the appropriate time. I have no clue how the Oprah app works, but this app seems like it will provide information (along with the opportunity to purchase) on the outfits that the performers are wearing in the show.

It is quite unlikely that it will cover everything; thus, if you are curious about the kind of underwear the female could be wearing, you will be out of luck. However, for those individuals who would want to imitate the appearance of their favorite characters, this application may prove to be of tremendous assistance in acquiring the appropriate materials. Even if you don’t end up making any purchases via the app (are the app authors paid commissions?) it will still provide us with a location to begin our search for the greatest discounts.

It seems at this time that it will also function with the Season 3 Blu-Ray disc, however it will only operate with BD Live while viewing the disc. Present is the case at this moment. If you do not have BD Live, then you will not be able to use this option. I don’t know enough about this technology to say why they couldn’t use audio cues from the Blu-ray, but it appears as if it either can’t or won’t function this way. I don’t know enough about this technology to say why they couldn’t use audio cues from the Blu-ray.

This app will apparently provide more behind-the-scenes goodies, which is a feature that may be added to its list of advantages. Nobody really knows what this involves, but we will all find out the truth when episode 9 airs the following week.

This seems like it may be a fun app for anyone who like watching the program, and given that it’s available for free, there’s really no reason not to give it a go.

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