Cycling in Cold Weather: Clothing & Gear Guide

Me. Biking. In winter, even.

Cycling Tips For Winter

A year ago, this would have been unthinkable for me, but now that I’m almost 20 pounds lighter and I intend to stay that way, I’m looking for ways to have fun and burn a few calories.

I’ve been making my peace with indoor workouts but always felt like I was a rat in a wheel. Until today! After whining about missing my weekly bike rides during October, when the days were long and the pavement dry, my husband went for a solution. (Aren’t guys great?) He couldn’t change the weather, but he could change my tires. Off came the slicks I’d used for tooling around town, and on went the ice-grabbing studded tires.

I donned a few extra layers, gloves, and my helmet, and off I went, biking to a buddy’s house to show off and get a well-deserved fist bump. Love those friends who love biking, too. I covered the six-ish miles within an hour, and that includes a chat. Yee-HAH! I’m back on the roads!

Here’s a post on Copenhagen Cycle Chic about how Copenhageners handle biking in winter. Looking good, naturally, even during a very snowy winter. An estimated 500,000 Copenhagen residents bike each day as their main mode of transportation. Amazing.

I’m fascinated by biking as a normal mode of transportation. I live in America, where Car is King and where you need Special Gear to participate in any activity, and maybe several outfits of Special Gear for different situations.

Here we have folks biking to work year-round wearing exactly what they’d already been wearing to work or school, plus a layer or two added for warmth and looking great. I can’t imagine Americans going in for this, if only because a hat or helmet would ruin their carefully styled hair.

I’ll keep watching so I can figure out how to do it myself. I have the biking part down, it’s the style part where I’m lacking.

If you need a little shot of winter biking inspiration, or just a breath of Euro-style, head on over to Amsterdamize for another glorious photo series on regular people in regular clothes who are making biking part of their daily lives. In winter. Really.

Take a look at the bikes these folks are riding. By and large, they’re better utility bikes that are meant to withstand hard use with little maintenance. I love seeing all of the customized little touches people have made to create a more functional or unique bike.

Grab a cup of your favorite hot beverage and enjoy a few quiet moments watching these bikers go by.

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