Essential Cycling Tips: How to Select a Bicycle Helmet?

It would seem that a growing number of individuals are purchasing bicycles in light of the present economic climate. The initial purchase price and ongoing operating costs, in particular the cost of petrol, are anticipated to be lower for these vehicles. One thing is certain (maybe), and that is that there are supposedly more people getting into riding. I don’t really know if that’s true or not, as there are certainly plenty of people out there arguing both sides of that question, but I do know that there are supposedly more people getting into riding.

In spite of the fact that I’m not going to engage in that conversation, one thing that I believe everyone who rides a bike should be aware of is what kind of protective gear they should be wearing. I am aware that, to a large extent, it is a matter of personal preference, with the obvious exception of situations in which the government has decided that it knows better and instructs us on what to wear; however, I believe that it is important for all of us to have an understanding of the equipment and how it affects our safety before we even consider swinging our legs over the bike.

It is, of course, up to the person to make the final choice; nevertheless, in order to make that choice, we need to have a comprehensive understanding of the issue at hand and how it may either assist or hurt us.

To begin, instead of beginning at the bottom with the least contentious piece, let’s begin at the top with the helmet. If you are one of the fortunate ones, you live in a location where you have the choice of donning one. The most significant difficulty that I foresee resulting from this, however, is that in particular locations, it will be more difficult to wear a helmet since people would be more likely to encourage one another not to do so. And I’ve personally seen folks who, under normal circumstances, would wear one but, due to the influence of others, choose not to wear one instead. This is a regrettable circumstance, and I have high hopes that more individuals would stop caring about what other people think and instead focus on what they believe to be in their own self-interest.

If you are going to put one on, whether you have to or you want to, you still need to choose whatever kind of head covering you want to put on. Now, before we go any further, let’s just forget about those novelty helmets that you see around, also known as toy helmets. As far as protection goes, you would be better off simply wearing an ice cream bucket over your head, and their only true utility is to make you appear goofy or odd. You would be better off wearing an ice cream bucket over your head. And don’t kid yourself into thinking that it makes you seem cool, tough, or anything else. People are going to make fun of you whether they do it to your face or behind your back unless you are at least 2 meters tall and built like a bear.

Okay, if you’re looking for a serious helmet, my advice is to get one that’s been authorized by the DOT. This will ensure that you have the appropriate level of protection. If you want to go for Snell approval, go for it; however, from what I’ve read (there was a study a few years ago comparing helmet use and motorcycle injuries, but I can’t remember now where I read it), they seem to be too rigid and can be worse in some cases than not wearing a helmet at all. I can’t remember where I read it. However, it is only my viewpoint, so take it or leave it as you choose.

The second option is the design, which may either be open or have a complete face. The majority of individuals seem to base their decision on the kind of bike they read, with sports bike indicating a full face and cruiser indicating an open face (yes, I am aware that there are other sorts of bikes; I simply don’t care about them ;-P). It doesn’t matter to me what kind of bike I ride; I always put on a full face helmet, even when I’m on a cruiser (I used to own sports bikes before upgrading to cruisers). This is primarily because I find that an open face makes my eyes water excessively; however, I also believe that a full face provides a little bit more protection for my face in the event that I ever lose control of the bike (ironically, the only time I’ve ever lost control of the bike The point is, I believe that individuals should make their own choices and disregard what other people say or think since it’s your life and your brain that are on the line.

Okay, I was going to go on down the body, but it looks that I’ve been running on a little, so I’ll just leave it here for now and continue a bit later when I’ve had more time available to me. Until next time…

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