Fetha Garmin Mounts: a Cleaner Way to Mount Your Garmin

We are pleased to announce that we will be collaborating with the Melbourne-based firm Fetha Custom Components and will be displaying the streamlined Garmin mounts that the company produces in our Emporium.

To begin producing CNC-machined bike accessories, you need a fairly specialized set of talents as well as the necessary infrastructure. Although it may seem that the obstacles to beginning your own kit brand are quite low (not including the amount of hard labor, of course), this is not the case.

Jamie Riedy, an engineer who was born in Zimbabwe, merged his passion for cycling with his ability in mechanics in 2011 and began experimenting with different bike components to see what he could come up with. This is how Fetha got its start. He began by constructing an improved seat topper for his integrated seatpost. This was his first project.

Jamie shared with us that the reaction he received from other riders was very favorable, and as a result, he was motivated to investigate custom cycling pieces a little bit further. “From that point on, I began receiving inquiries from folks requesting me to build bespoke components, ranging from mounts to unique chainrings, including elliptical and narrow/wide profile configurations.

“Things began to pick up steam, so the next natural step was to establish a firm that specialized in bicycle components,” the author writes.

After another five years, Jamie is now focused on the major brands that are available on the market for bike accessories. He is beginning with this honed and polished approach for attaching your Garmin to almost any handlebar and stem configuration.

According to Jamie, “because to the fact that so many different bike manufacturers are moving toward aero handlebars (integrated and non-integrated), it has become very difficult to connect conventional mounts to the bars.” “Not only this, but all brands tend to vary somewhat in terms of bolt pitching or location – this is where Fetha fills a need, customizing components to fit these goods,” says the company. “Not only this, but Fetha fills a niche, customizing components to suit these products.”

When your Garmin device is in place, the goal of all of the Fetha mounts is to be as unobtrusive as possible while still maintaining their strength and low weight.

The adjustable faceplate mounts are one of the tidiest configurations that we’ve encountered, and they provide a great degree of adjustment, which is why we really like them. Jamie has also designed a mount that can be attached to handlebars that are part of an integrated system, as well as a mount that can be attached in lieu of the standard stem cap that is seen on bicycles.

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