Top Motorcyclist Clothing Brand for Present

Now that Black Friday has arrived once again, the holiday shopping season can officially begin. To ensure that they are not left behind, Harley Davidson has published its holiday gift recommendations for those of us who are interested in motorcycles and the culture around them.

So, tell us about some of the exciting things that Harley-Davidson has in store for us this year. Having a cursory glance at the guide reveals to me that there are presents from every conceivable category of goods that are either accessible for us to give to our loved ones or for them to give to us if the stars and planets are in the right place at the right time.

To kick off our guide, we have several HD coats, belts, and wallets that are so HD they almost shout it. Don’t get me wrong—I like HD—but I feel that the company’s branding efforts are sometimes a little bit excessive. However, they do have a great appearance, and if the branding had been simplified even little, the product would have been in an even better position.

Moving on, we have some more apparel that isn’t quite as blatantly HD, but is still good and trendy and isn’t always associated with motorcyclists. Even yet, people whose primary concern is with aesthetics rather than practicality are unlikely to be interested in this. There is also the ever-present jewelry that is designed specifically for the better half (the old lady that SOA has seemingly popularised in the non-biker sect). I’m not sure why they don’t have anything for guys, but they do have some HD glasses that we can borrow if we’re interested. Also included are ornaments for the Christmas tree and other trinkets, such as a piggy bank (you know, because hogs and pigs are sort of similar, right? ), which my kid, who is three years old, would certainly trash in less time than it took me to type this line. However, it would look beautiful displayed on my mantel.

After that, the most of the items are for the bike, so if you don’t ride, you probably won’t find this to be of much interest, with the possible exception of the page of bags, which I suppose might still be utilized even without a bike.

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