Ultimate Badass Biker Clothing for Beginners

I was doing what I generally do at work, which is searching the internet for something to do to make it seem as if I had anything to do. During my search, I came across a website that purportedly sold clothing for bikers. To be more specific, they are selling what they call “biker t-shirts,” although even that is a bit of a stretch when you consider what they truly consider to be “biker.”

It’s not that the shirts are poorly designed overall—some of them are really very nice—but what really gets under my skin is that the f-word was printed on each and every single one of the biker t-shirts. I want to emphasize that last part. In addition, there were more than a hundred “various” designs to choose from. I don’t know how someone could possibly come up with multiple methods to integrate F in a design for a shirt, but they managed to do it anyhow. I have no clue how.

Now, before anybody gets the wrong impression, let me clarify that I have no issue whatsoever with the use of the F word. To put it frankly, some of my nieces’ and nephews’ parents know how to “get rid of the corpse,” if you get what I mean. This is the only reason I’m abbreviating here; I have 12 nieces and nephews, some of whom I’m sure will look at this article. Some of them will look at it.

The thing that really got to me was the fact that I’ve spent my whole life in the company of motorcyclists. When I was born, my uncle was a biker, and he remained one until he injured his back while trying to rush into an ambulance. Believe it or not, the incident took place on the premises of the medical facility in where he worked. He really collided with an ambulance.

In any case, the thing that really went under my skin was the fact that this clothing manufacturer seemed to believe that the only thing motorcyclists would wear are garments with the letter F printed on them. I have no clue where they got this concept, but it tells me that they know very little about what genuine bikers wear and that all they are trying to do is capitalize on the desire of individuals who want to have a biker appearance.

The fact of the matter is that the majority of motorcyclists I know seldom wear clothing with words printed on it, with the possible exception of the clothing sold by particular bike businesses, which they may sometimes wear in excess. Visit the website of Rippin Kittens and have a look at the designs she has created if you are interested in understanding what I am talking about. They are a lot more like the clothing that people I know wear, and they are entirely devoid of the want tobe mentality that I see in so many of today’s designs for so-called “bikers.” If you look around at different designs sold at a rally, you are more likely to find ones that depict lifestyle symbols and imagery than you are to find ones that just read “F.”

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