Zeal-Optics-GPS-Goggle for Cyclists?

Okay, so technically these are not biker sunglasses, but Zeal Optics has come up with ski goggles that have GPS capabilities.

They have been given the name “Transcend,” and they are equipped with complete GPS capabilities along with an LCD display that is installed on the inside of the goggles. They give real-time statistics, such as altitude, vertical odometer, stopwatch, temperature, and, of course, location with a Google Maps overlay.

After that, you may connect them to a computer and see the statistics on your personal computer or a Mac. The software package Recon Instruments is made available for this purpose. They come in at a weight of 257 grams and have a life span of up to 7 hours thanks to a rechargeable li-ion battery.

There are two lens choices available, the SPX polarized and the SPPX polarized, and the prices for these lenses are respectively $399 and $499.

It should be just a matter of time until something comparable is available for cyclists, whether they are goggles or part of the helmet. However, I can’t see any reason why you couldn’t wear them on your bike for the time being; there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to use them. I would think that they would do something with the helmet, and I predict that there will be more than a few accidents caused by people being captivated with the display and not paying attention to the road at the same time.

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